With so many choices of protein including beef, chicken, pork, turkey and fish, it’s not always clear which options will help you get the best fat burning results. Here are some tips to take along to the meat counter at the grocery store:

1. Look for better cuts of meat that use the right words on the package. Words like “Choice” or “Select” usually denote leaner cut of beef.

Avoid packages that say “Prime,” which usually denotes a fattier piece of meat.

Opt for ground beef that is 95% lean or higher. The lean content should be printed on the package.

When buying ground chicken or turkey, it’s important to check the percentage of lean meat. There are different fat contents even on these meats.

It’s fine to buy chicken thighs or breasts with the skin on, just remember to trim the fat and remove the skin before seasoning and cooking.

Pork Tenderloin is the leanest cut of pork, and has the same calories as a chicken breast.

When choosing seafood, pay attention to where the fish was caught. The U.S. has stricter standards on handling and quality. Look for Wild Pacific Salmon, Sole or Flounder from the North Atlantic Ocean, which are the best fish choices.

Remember your portion sizes. Even when you choose a leaner cut of meat, it doesn’t mean you can increase the portion size. with a program as easy as Food Lovers Online, you can sometimes find yourself pressed for time, or low on the ingredients needed to make a Fat Loss Plate.